Alex Wheels, offers Industrial Transport Solutions for the Automotive Industry

April 22, 2024

At Ruedas Alex we have met the requirements of a leading company in the automotive sector. In response to the need to move parts on transport carts with mechanical and manual traction, our company provided innovative solutions that significantly optimized its internal operations.

Our recommendation for castors with round profile wheels, has proven to be essential to ensure smooth and efficient movement in manual mode, while maintaining the required features for effective mechanical traction. Likewise, the suggestion of reinforced brackets has increased the strength of the equipment, particularly in the face of high breakout forces associated with mechanical movements, thereby extending the lifespan of the equipment, and reducing maintenance costs.

In addition to improving operational efficiency, the implementation of our solutions has resulted in significant energy savings. By reducing the force required by automated guided vehicles (AGV), we have seen a significant reduction in battery consumption. This allowed greater range and durability of working hours, minimizing interruptions due to charging times.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation in the design and manufacturing of industrial casters is constantly evolving. We are committed to continuing to exceed expectations and providing solutions tailored to our customers' specific needs in the future.


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